PornVisory conducted an interview with porn lawyer Michael Fattorosi, also author of the book “Resurrection of the Scrolls”, now available on Amazon.

Covid-19 is changing many economic activities, imposing new standards and rules: how the porn industry will be affected?

I believe we have already seen a change. Much of the studio production – worldwide – was shut down and the industry shifted to self-shot content being produced by performers and models at home. Platforms like OnlyFans and have really taken off over the past several months and I see that trend continuning even when the world returns to normal.

It is a common belief that the world of pornography and everything around it is a “money machine”. What is the average earnings of an actor and an actress in this sector?

I dont know if there is an average. Performers and models can make a few hundred dollars per month to over $100,000 a month. With OnlyFans and AVNStars, there really is no limit as to what models can make. In the past, when I first started in the industry in 2004, a few pornstars were earning $30,000 a month and then with tube sites and content piracy, their earnings fell dramactically. Since 2018, the amount that a model or performer can earn has increased and there does not seem to be a limit.

What are the most friendly porn-related laws, both as regards production both as fruition? And which ones are the most closed?

I can say is that in America, producing pornography is only legal in two states, California and New Hampshire. In all the other states, it is still legally questionable. In the United States, those states that are more religious and conservative are the worst for producing content, producers still risk being arrested for producing porn there.

What are the most common cases for which a lawyer is called to defend someone’s rights in this area? E.g. Actors against production house? Actress against actor / producer? Privacy protection? Copyright?

My practice ranges from copyright, trademark, entity formation, contract review/drafting, litigation and advising new studios and companies that want to begin starting a new company in the adult industry. No two days are ever the same and each change in the industry requires more changes in my practice and how I market myself and my services.

Can you tell us about the most unusual case that followed?

I cannot tell you much since it is protected by attorney client privilege but on two separate occassions I had a contracts placed on my life because of the cases I was handling.

What do you think the porn industry is lacking in today? Which product / service should it become more present and developed?

I don’t know if it is lacking anything from a consumer’s point of view. I think there are a lot of different niches of content that would satisfy anyone’s desires and interests. I think sex toys have also become varied and more numerous. Kink activities are now more fairly represented in both content and toys. Overall, I think the industry does very well in meeting the needs and demands of its fans. I can see VR and male focused sex toys gaining more traction and sales in the years to come though.

Almost 75% of the content and traffic in online pornography belongs to one group, so we can say there is a monopoly. How do you see this situation, and what damage to long can lead to industry sector?

There has certainly been a decline in the number of companies in the adult space. However, I would not call it a monopoly though. Mindgeek/Pornhub/Brazzers does control a lot of the traffic on the Internet, but cam sites are still doing very well, and the rise of platforms such as OnlyFans and AVNStars proves that there is always room and revenue for companies that have superior ideas. Porn is no longer a get-rich-quick business, but you can still make a lot of money if you have a superior idea. Most people that come into the industry usually copy already existing popular sites. About 2-3 times a year am I presented with a completely new idea in porn that has a real chance of changing the industry and society. It is very rare though.