In the playground of a porn user there is one play that teases the imagination to its extreme enjoyment: squirting. It’s just like a merry-go-round that not everyone can get on, but where 90% of the piglets would like to take a ride at least once.

Yes, we must admit, the squirting girl really has the charm and the spell of the forbidden fruit and when she show herself, she attracts with an intoxicating force the lucky man who is enchanted by such a call.

In this review we talk about the woman who, in unsuspicious times, in the early 2000s, made squirt her main weapon of seduction and excitement towards both sexes: Cytherea. American, and perhaps less famous now than many other pornstars on the world scene, Cytherea has chosen a name that in Greek is the name of the love goddess Aphrodite, because of the gift that in the early days of her glorious career earned her some records among squirting lovers: for maximum range and number of flooding comes, giving her the nickname of Goddess of the gush.

I submit to your attention some videos of Cytherea as well as a video demonstration of squirting in POV, to note how exciting it can be to flood a woman also because of a beautiful anal performance: once the tap is open it becomes difficult to close it again.

The main feature of this beautiful pornstar is that, even if she wanted to, she couldn’t fake it and you can see it from the body vibrations during orgasm, always lasting and abundant, almost like electric shocks of enjoyment.

In the lesbian video ( she literally fills her partner with juice and she doesn't spare herself in drinking it and getting flooded by the almost constant and violent flow of this overwhelming technique.

The videos of the squirting girl

I wanted to highlight Cytherea’s properties in other small videos related to her records.

Record-breaking squirting:

Multi orgasms:

While in the following video, a nice summary of his performances in a beautiful compilation:

And here’s the POV. Anal sex video with final squirting: