When we talk about porn and platforms where to get entertainment porn video, we usually think of the most famous PornHub, but there are dozens of different platforms such as Xtube, dedicated to the so-called porn 2.0.

Porn 2.0 is called in this way in reference to Web 2.0. and is based on the idea of websites with content made by the users themselves.

Few know that Xtube was founded on March 12, 2006, a good 15 years ago, and still offers interesting content to its visitors.

The portal was founded in Ontario, by the Canadian company Webnovas Technologies, a portal that also has sections dedicated to erotic stories; it also allows you to customize your profile as if you were in a social network.

Xtube and the amateur videos of porn 2.0

In fact, we can define the platform as a “user-submitted content” as all the material comes from users and is definitely the best portal to retrieve unpublished material made by amateurs, and then we are in the amateur section that is also the most followed on the portal.

The business model of the platform we can divide it into 2 categories, one part, the most important, comes from advertising on the site, while the rest is shared with the proceeds of the material that is sold by individuals on the platform, in a 60-40 ratio.

The platform also has important numbers, which among other things also has a section dedicated to live, as only in recent years has reached a volume of over 9 million registered users and a global traffic that is positioned in the top 1000 of the most viewed sites, precisely at position 871.

A success that has not gone unnoticed by most and that led a few years later, between 2006 and 2010, to be acquired by the adult entertainment giant, Manwin, becoming an integral part of the other porn-themed networks.

The video with the most views is that of an amateur gang bang, which can boast over 1.6 million views.