Ex-porn actress Mia Khalifa shared on Twitter that she has just bought the famous crypto Dogecoin (DOGE).

Recall that this crypto, and its related blockchain, has always been billed as a joke project with no future prospects, but as we’ve known for over 7 years now, this crypto is here to stay for the long haul.

For a long time, the price of this asset never exceeded $0.01 but only in the last few days, following lucky events, we have seen an explosive price that brought it close to $0.08 with an impressive increase of almost 400% in just 24 hours, bringing it into the top 10 of the most capitalized cryptos.

Mia Khalifa between porn and crypto

A little bit for fun and a little bit for interest, we see how Mia Khalifa, born in 1993, has not resisted the call of the community, which lately has pushed this crypto a lot, and has bought some Dogecoin, although we do not know the amount and the quantity. What we can deduce, is that if he bought shortly before the tweet, he probably bought at a price between $0.07 and $0.06.

Purchases of these assets must be evaluated very carefully since the crypto market is very volatile and in fact the pump that has registered in recent hours was thanks to a Reddit group that organized a mass purchase.

Although the porn star has bought Dogecoin, this is not necessarily a good thing, since now she is already at a loss, which could lead the model to complain about this crypto rather than praise it. 

Finally, let’s remember that porn star Angela White has also confirmed that she has owned this crypto since 2014, so when it had at a really low cost and, unlike Khalifa, she might have taken advantage of this surge and sold a part of it to make a profit.

Surely this is a positive news for the Dogecoin community, which through its efforts has shown an attachment for this crypto like never seen in any other crypto, always carrying on the mantra of “1 DOGE = 1 DOGE”.