Hold on tight to your seat for this overview about erotic meaning because today we will focus on yuri, a term to indicate a homosexual relationship between girls, and even this term is unknown to You I bet that at least You saw an episode from Sailor Moin or Lady Oscar and this animes are bond to yuri, so fasten your seat belts because we’re off!

Let’s begin analyzing the term yuri (百合) that involve a homosexual relationship between girls, both physics and feeling, often used in manga and anime, but in other media too, wherein Japanese can be translated as a lily, a common name in Japan and for this similarity with person name, in the western country we use another term, shōjo-ai (love for girls) but this term in Japan has a bad meaning and refers to pornography.

We saw this term in the past magazine Barazoku, a magazine that focuses on homosexual content and used the terms barazoku for a homosexual relationship between male, and yurizoku for a homosexual relationship between a girl, the suffix zoku mean tribe and they respectively mean rose tribe (bara in Japanese mean rose!) and lily tribe.

Until today, these terms had different space, an one of the first romance in this sector was made in 1919 when Nobuko Yohiya published her “Yanera no Nishojo” (屋根裏の二處女) that translated become “Two virgins in the attic”, another interesting romance is “Sakura namiki” by Makoto Takahashi, and in 1971 we see the first yuri manga “Shiroi heya no futari” by Ryoko Yamagishi, and most of all story was a tragedy, and don’t forget than in the newt year will be published the famous Lady Oscar, bringing love for a female character in a male suit.

Another yuri aspect we can get is in the anime Sailor Moon S, between the characters Haruka Ten’ou and Michiru Kaiou, respectively Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune, couple confirmed also by her author Naoko Takeuchi, that confirmed the couple be a canon type (canoni is a term to refer of a public homosexual couple).

One of the masterpieces of the genre is with Kannazuki no Miko (神無月の巫女) or “Priestesses of the godless moon”, the most important manga by Kaishaku, because is the first story that doesn’t end with a tragedy and instead love wins, in more, there is also an animated series with 12 episodes.

Time to gather some hot video for us and we can check different videos, both of girls, most of them are Japanese girls like this one, but we can watch different animations with some famous character of different anime like Sakura with Ino from Naruto, and one of yuri hentai we can recommend is Majuu Jouka Shoujo Utea.

We conclude by trying to identify the level of difficulty in understanding the term:

– Guessability level: 4/5