PVY Whitepaper

In the open sea of ​​online pornography, we sometimes feel the lack of a guide that show us the path to follow, in order to quickly and safely satisfy our desires. PornVisory was born from the innovative idea of ​​a young and motivated team, but is nourished thanks to the experience of its expert collaborators who, with taste and passion, select the contents to offer to the readers.


Elegance, Sharing, Innovation

These are our keywords, which outline the philosophy and objectives of the PornVisory project.

ELEGANCE: because we believe pornography should not arrive like a punch on the face, intrusive and aggressive; we prefer to stimulate curiosity, teasing it from all sides with the infinite variations of a sexuality free from prejudices.

SHARING: we want to interact with our readers, listen to their opinions and advices in order to shape an increasingly pleasant tool, as close as possible to everyone’s wishes.

INNOVATION: we’re passionate about new technologies, the ones that in this decade will massively enter into our daily lives, and we look with particular attention to the blockchain: we plan to reward your attention and engagement, through a blockchain-based platform powered by our own cryptocurrency

Useful links about the PVY tokens

How to buy PVY tokens on Uniswap: article on Medium here.

Here a guide on how the PVY token works and its functions.

How to stake PVY tokens: full guide step by step available here.

NFT marketplace on Opensea: https://opensea.io/accounts/pornvisory

Uniswap for trading: https://uniswap.info/token/0x7bf878a25f7d34d392ebc8d14e33478966c7ca75

Download the Pornvisory whitepaper here